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We are a professional cladding cleaning company based in Sheffield and work with clients across the nation.

With our cladding cleaning services, we can improve the appearance of commercial properties and other sites across the country. This will maintain a professional company image, as well as customer appeal.

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We are proud to have been recently voted the Best Commercial Cladding Cleaners in the United Kingdom when up against all of the top-rated Pressure Washing and Soft Washing Companies.

In the current climate, regular cladding cleaning is required to maintain hygienic practices across your business. Our company can work with all kinds of cladding surfaces, both exterior and interior cladding, to remove stubborn dirt, airborne pollutants and other damage to your site.

If your Sheffield cladding is looking dirty, then it is time to call our team!

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Why Choose Our Cladding Cleaning Services?

We are a leading cladding cleaning company in Sheffield, working to help businesses maintain high standards across their site.

Our team offers a range of cleaning services, including those for interior and exterior surface panels, to increase the hygiene of your business as well as overall appeal. By offering exterior cladding cleaning, as well as interior cleaning services, our cleaning company can handle our clients’ requirements.

With our cleaning work, your business will meet the national health and safety standards as well as maintain a favourable impression with potential customers.

Why Choose Our Cladding Cleaning Services Sheffield

Regular cleaning of cladding not only makes your site look great but also prevents damage to cladding panels. Cladding requires a costly replacement once it has become stained or mouldy, which can be prevented with regular cleaning such as the cleaning methods offered by our company.

Over the years, we have worked across the nation and can handle all types of cladding, removing stubborn stains, signs of weather damage, and general wear.

As a professional cleaning company in Sheffield, we can use chemicals and tools that are simply not available to the public, ensuring high-level cleaning every time.

To restore your business to its original state and remove the years of grime which may have developed, you need our help. Please contact the team today.

Cladding Cleaning Cost Sheffield

The average cost of cladding cleaning in the UK is between £3 and £30 per square metre.

The total price for cladding cleaning will vary based on multiple factors, such as:

We will start all appointments with a site visit to see what we are dealing with and determine what the best cleaning methods will be moving forward. We can offer a range of cleaning services, including pressure washing and jet washing, which can be highly beneficial in removing stubborn grime and dirt but are not suitable for all types.

This is why we also offer a steam cleaning service for cladding made out of aluminium or similar. Over the years, we have worked with all cladding types and can clean your cladding, no matter what is present.

It is important to note that cladding requires cleaning on a regular basis to prevent dirt and weather from causing damage, which can contribute to the total cost.

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Benefits of Cleaning Cladding

Cladding requires regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure it is in a good, safe state. This is the case for every building with cladding, but especially a building that has a business running out of it.

Many modern buildings have cladding these days, such as metal cladding, and it can be very attractive.

However, as it is often installed outside for a uniform appearance to the building, it can quickly become dirty. It is very easy to see dirt and any other deposits on cladding, no matter where this is in the building or what it is made out of, which is why getting it regularly clean is so important.

While it may seem like a big job to remove all signs of dirt from the cladding surfaces across your building, our professional service can help. Using a combination of chemicals, such as traffic film and wash methods based on your requirements, we can restore your building to its original, clean state.

A clean building creates a favourable impression on your potential customers, and when running a business, first impressions count.

Cleaning can also protect cladding across your building by removing debris from the surfaces and preventing ongoing issues. We can help to remove the signs of long term damage with our cleaning services, based on the type of cladding coating.

To learn more about cladding cleaning in Sheffield, please contact the team today.

Types of Cleaning Services

We offer a range of professional cladding cleaning services to our clients, helping to restore any building to its original, clean state.

Our services include:

Commercial Cladding Cleaning Sheffield

Any kind of building that relies on customers for income can be cleaned by our team. This includes those across the retail sector, as well as hotels, offices and even car parks.

Any cladding or coating that has seen better days can be cleaned by our team. Typically, for these building types, we will offer a jet wash or pressure washing method to remove all signs of dirt from the surface. For areas of tough grime, we may also require a traffic film on the coating.

Industrial Cladding Cleaning Sheffield

Cleaning the exterior cladding surfaces of industrial sites is a big job but one that we are more than equipped to do. While various materials can be used for an industrial coating, it is commonly metal, like aluminium, which can become very dirty over time.

Other materials like brick, plastic and concrete require the same care when it comes to cleaning cladding, and we have the tools available to help. In areas where pressure washing is not suitable, such as metal cladding for industrial buildings, we can provide steam cleaning to remove dirt.

Types of Cleaning Services Sheffield

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Roof Cladding Maintenance Sheffield

This type of cladding is subject to a lot of weather damage, and it is common for the coating to be dirty.

We can help with the best solution for roof cleaning and maintenance, such as using a jet wash to remove the tough debris and dirt that has developed over time.

Reaching the roof can be done with minimal disruption to your site, as we can use water-fed poles or mobile platforms during the cleaning process.

Exterior House Cleaning Sheffield

Whether you are moving home or simply renovating, cleaning cladding outside the building can make a difference to its overall appearance.

We can offer the best solution to wash your home and ensure it looks great once more with our excellent service in cladding cleaning.

To learn more about our services and to get a free, no-obligation quote, please contact the team today.

Cleaning Methods

Based on the requirements of our customers and the kind of building we are working on, we can provide a range of cleaning methods for cladding.

All of our cladding cleaning processes are done to meet national health and safety standards and include:

High Pressure Washing Sheffield

A pressure wash can be a powerful and quick cleaning method that can remove dust and other debris from the building in no time. However, this is not suitable for all kinds of cladding, such as metal cladding and coating anywhere in the building.

Soft Washing Sheffield

In areas where a pressure wash cannot be used, soft wash methods such as steam cleaning are used.

This can be just as effective at cladding cleaning but is not as forceful and is, therefore, safer for materials like metal and glass.

Chemical Cleaning Sheffield

For interior cladding and smaller areas, chemicals are used to remove stains.

It is important to note that the type of cleaning used can impact total cladding cleaning prices.

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Cladding Materials

As we have been cleaning cladding for many years, we have worked with all kinds of materials. This allows us to work with customers across the country as well as on any building. Cladding cleaning comes in many forms, including:

Timber Cladding Cleaning Sheffield

Wood is a stunning coating for both exterior and interiors, but it does require a lot of maintenance to keep it looking good and clean.

Regular cleaning is required to maintain the appearance of timber and prevent structural damage.

Metal Cladding Sheffield

Metal, like aluminium cladding, can be difficult to clean because you do not want to damage the material, but it can also become worn over time.

Cladding Materials Sheffield

UPVC Cladding Sheffield

This is one of the easiest types of cladding to clean because it can stand pressure washing and chemicals.

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Glass Cladding Sheffield

Like metal cladding, glass needs to be handled delicately when cleaning, and we can help with this.

As well as these main cleaning services, we can also work with other materials such as:

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What is Cladding?

Cladding is a cover over a surface.

Cladding can be applied to schools, homes, gyms, factories and warehouses.

Can any Type of Cladding Be Cleaned?

All forms of cladding can be cleaned.

The material will determine the best method for the cleaning process.

How Often should I Get My Cladding Cleaned?

Professional cleaning for cladding is recommended every two to three years.

cladding cleaning companies Sheffield South Yorkshire

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How Long Does it Take for Cladding to Dry?

On average, it takes around 48 hours for cladding to dry after cleaning.

Does Cladding Need Maintenance?

Cladding is low maintenance.

Most materials do require regular maintenance to ensure they are structurally sound and look good, which needs to be done more frequently than professional cleaning.

How do you Clean Cladding Outside?

We have several methods for cleaning outside, which can vary based on the material, such as pressure washing, jet washing and steam cleaning.

Safety Standards / Environmental Requirements

We are fully accredited and equipped in alignment with the national health standards.


We are a leading cleaning company based in Sheffield that offers a range of services.

Our team can provide cleaning to both the interior and exterior surfaces of any building, maintaining its appearance and overall appeal. The kind of cleaning we can do will vary based on the materials used across the building, but we have experience with many forms.

We offer great prices and a wide range of services to clean cladding in Sheffield to suit all needs.

To learn more or to request a quote, please contact us today.

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